Escape with Places We Swim

We print and frame for a number of Australian landscape photographers on a regular basis, but perhaps none more well-known than Caroline Clements and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon of Places We Swim

Featured in Broadsheet, The New York Times and all major Australian newspapers, their first publication Places We Swim (2018) is instantly recognisable and a steady fixture on coffee tables and bookshelves Australia-wide. 



Their search for Australia’s best watering holes lead us to waterfalls in the top end, otherworldly baths in regional NSW and the shallow reefs of Western Australia - unearthing and documenting both the hidden spots and most frequented bathing destinations in fine art photography and aerial landscape imagery. 

In addition to their best selling book, Caroline and Dillon sell their works through their online print shop, so their incredible photography of our natural landscape can be enjoyed everyday. 

Such is the beauty of landscape and travel photography. For those of us living in the urban jungle, grinding 9 to 5, a print of a faraway destination or pastime can elicit nostalgia, escapism or motivation to plan our next adventure. It is the ultimate daydream instigator. 

Whether we’re in the urban grind, living in lockdown or sloshing through the drear of winter, landscape and travel photography always takes us to where we’d rather be. 


In addition to their first book, Caroline and Dillon are soon to release their second publication - Places We Swim Sydney - revealing the very best iconic and hidden places to swim, in and around Sydney, and all the way out to the Blue Mountains. 

Their new release is currently on pre-sale, giving their friends and followers a chance to order and receive the book before it hits the shelves in bookstores. Visit their site for first access here.

All of the editions sold via the Places We Swim print store are giclée printed and hand-framed by Format in our Melbourne workshop, including imagery from their latest book.


Here are a few of our favourites… 

See all of their printed and framed works here.


What about you? Have you got any favourite photographs from your travels worth framing? Any landscape or aerial photography from recent adventures? 

Print + frame now so you can escape a little everyday.


All photography by Dillon Seitchik-Reardon