Top 5 Framing Trends in 2024

As the world of interiors is ever changing, custom framing is no different; evolving with fresh new trends in 2024 that promise to enhance and personalise your living and working spaces. At Format Framing, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest in framing design to keep you ahead of the design curve. Whether you're looking to refresh your home decor or add a unique touch to your office, we hope these new framing trends will inspire you into this year and beyond.

Sustainable Framing Materials

Eco-consciousness has actually become much more than a trend - it’s almost a prerequisite to doing business. We’re pleased to see sustainable framing materials taking centre stage in 2024. From reclaimed wood to bamboo and recycled metals, these eco-friendly options not only look great but also reduce your environmental footprint. At Format, our handmade frames are locally sourced, sustainable Victorian Ash that is milled, hand sanded and painted.


Minimalist Frames

Simplicity never goes out of style. Minimalist frames, characterised by clean lines and subtle designs, continue to be a favourite. We offer our framing in Natural, Painted Black, or Painted White.


Gallery-Inspired Display

A gallery photo wall tells a story in your space; bringing together a series of works (related or not) to form an impactful showcase of art. All of Format’s frames (except the small size) are in the Shadowbox style, where the work is set back from the museum grade plexiglass for a modern gallery look.


Layered Framing

Layered framing involves using multiple frames within a single display to create a multi-dimensional effect. This technique adds depth and interest to a space and makes a nice break from a traditional frame setting.



AI Art

As AI rapidly descends upon our day-to-day life, the same can be said for printing and framing digital art. We print fine art Giclée Print on 310gsm cotton rag stock ensuring your print is presented in the highest quality to showcase your new works. 


An example of CG artwork 'Goldfish' by Adrian Bonabentura. 


At Format Framing, we’re passionate about helping showcase your treasured pieces wherever the space calls for it. Browse our offering online now and discover how we can help you bring these new interior trends into your home or office, framing your world with a little style.